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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

Safari Readers welcomes you to its website. Safari Readers provides its service to you, subject to the information contained in the following ‘Terms and Conditions,’ which may be updated by us from time to time and without notice to you. By using this site, you agree to be bound by these ‘Terms and Conditions.’ In addition, when using Safari Readers owned or operated services, you shall be subject to any posted policies, guidelines, or rules applicable to such services. Any such policies, guidelines or rules are outlined here in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ or listed under the Safari Readers ‘Privacy Policy’ and Legal Statement.’  

Personal Information

When you purchase any goods through the Safari Readers website, you will be required to input your personal information (e.g. name, address, payment information). You are responsible for information that is entered, and all sessions and transactions taken under these details.

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If any of your details change or are incorrect, such as your billing or postal address, you must inform Safari Readers as soon as possible. You may send the updated information to:


Sale Agreement

Any contract for purchases made through this website will be with Safari Readers.

Safari Readers must receive payment of the whole of the price for the goods that you order before your order can be accepted, and the contract formed. Once payment has been received Safari Readers will confirm that your order has been received by sending an email to you at the email address you provide at checkout. This confirmation email will include your name, the order number and the total price. Safari Readers acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us on these terms. Any term sought to be imposed by you in your order will not form part of the contract.

Safari Readers are entitled to withdraw from any contract in the case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the goods appearing on our website. If an error or inaccuracy is discovered. For example, with regards to the advertised price of the goods that you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible by email. This will be to inform you of the correct price of the goods, and to ask you if you wish to continue with the order, or to cancel the order altogether.

Sale Withdrawal

If you are an individual and are not buying goods on behalf of a business, there are certain circumstances in which you may withdraw from the contract and these are set out here. This right to withdraw does not apply to business buyers.

You may withdraw your order for goods at any time up to the end of the thirtieth (30th) day after you have purchased the goods. You do not need to give Safari Readers any reason for withdrawing your order nor will you have to pay any penalty.

To withdraw your order, you must notify Safari Readers in writing by e-mailing:

If you have received the goods before you withdraw your order then, you must send them back to the return address at your own cost and risk, unless the goods were supplied faulty or damaged. If you withdraw your order but Safari Readers has already processed the goods for delivery and you have received them, you must not unpack the goods when they are received by you and you must send the goods back to the return address at your own cost and risk as soon as possible.

Once you have notified Safari Readers that you are withdrawing your order, any sum debited to Safari Readers from your credit card will be re-credited to your account. In the case where goods are being returned, the amount for the goods will be re-credited upon safe delivery and confirmation of the return of the goods. 

Availability of Goods

In some circumstances, we may place a limit on the number of copies of a particular book or product, or series of books or products, that you can order. This may, for example, be where we have limited stocks of a particular book or product, whether caused by delays or limitations placed on us by our printers. Where we are aware of this, we will notify you prior to an order being made.

If Safari Readers has insufficient stock to deliver some or all of the goods ordered by you, or where you have Sums debited (if any) by Safari Readers from your debit or credit card, or from any other source of payment in respect of goods we are unable or unwilling to supply to you will be re-credited to your account and Safari Readers will notify you by email at the address given by you in your order form. Any refund will be made as soon as possible. Safari Readers will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

Please Note: in furtherance of the above provisions, we endeavor to bring our customers the best value we can by running special offers, but please remember stocks are limited at the special offer price, and subject to availability. We update our website as quickly as we can to minimize disappointment. The process of updating the website when goods have sold out at promotional price can take a few hours to update. Please note that the price the goods are offered for tender are as displayed in the Shopping Cart. Rest assured your debit or credit card will only be debited as your order or individual items from your order are dispatched.

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